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About Me

Hey, I am Christopher Currin, a new-age individual with an ambitious mind.
Being on an individual basis, I give a very personal and hands-on approach to your website to give the best I have to offer in web design and online marketing.

But I don't just make websites, I'm an interactive online marketer, spokesman, analyst, graphic designer and web designer.

All this rolled into one,

how can you possibly get a better deal!

Though I am fairly new to Web Design and Online Marketing, I have learnt and continue to learn very quickly. I have learnt with a mix of old, strong, useful ideals and the best of new techniques that creates a strong blend to get the best out of your site. With this comes a natural passion and the striving ability to do better.

I have a flare for design and technology so I can give you the creativity of a designer with the coding ability of a programmer.

has something to say

Be it on the phone, on TV, on stage, on the moon, in the bath or on the glorious World Wide Web.
While you may have my number; and maybe you've appeared on television or on stage; perhaps you've visited the moon and you've probably sung from the confines of your bathroom. However, as the future takes us further, a strong web presence is almost a requirement to speak what you desire.
A website is a place where I put what you want to say, what you want to express, what you want to share with the world.

say ~ express ~ share

All websites I do are multi-browser compatible, web standards compliant and search engine optimized so you go further.
Websites used to be just about putting something out there, but now with millions of pages

how will someone find you?

Search engines are the way to crawl the internet and having a strong title, optimised keywords and correct description are top ways to get your site noticed.

"Web Standards Compliance and Search Engine Optimization is about doing more of the right things, more often."
- Brian Currin


This is my site, my place, my work, my tool as well as my playground, desire and passion.

...and yours

This is your portal to a web presence, to online marketing, to Web Standards Compliance and Search Engine Optimization.

"It's all about the people" - Andy Longman

This is not just a site, and I am not just a person. This is an experience and I am Christopher Currin.


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Latest News

January 2009

This website was created.

Why choose me?

  • young and ambitious (yes, that's a positive)
  • determined
  • committed to giving my best and staying committed to give you compltete satisfaction
  • a blend of new and old philosophies
  • Designer and Programmer
  • aptitude for new tasks
  • ability to do better everytime
  • open mind and willingness to listen and share with many ideas
  • fully Web Standards Compliant and Search Engine Optimised